Living In Harmony


Dogs And Their Companions


Dogs and Their Companions, LLC is located in Georgetown DE on 2 fenced in acres of land!!! We realize that our dogs are family and deserve the best. Our mission is to promote harmony throughout your life together.  Beginning with puppy socialization and pre-school through obedience training, we train for safety and to allow our dogs to gain freedom.  As a result, our relationship and bond with our dog is deeper and more profound.  We love them and want to do and go everywhere with them.  This is why we train! 

Come, Learn, Play, and Stay awhile.

Evaluations are very important to allow us to get to know each other, make sure we want to work together. It also allows us to get a training action plan together. Evaluations are FREE at our location. I am available to do them at your own home for a fee.

Call now or fill out our Contact Form to learn more. 302-227-2107

Training packages of the below programs, along with pay-as-you go services, an unlimited group lesson package, and individually tailored packages to fit your training and budgetary needs are available.

Special Beginnings Puppy School This program is for the new adorable puppy whose kisses and puppy breathe make you swoon.  This program helps lay the foundation so our little one doesn’t grow up to be a bully.  Your little one will learn how to greet politely, give kisses not bites, know what toys are his/hers, where to go potty, how to interact with other dogs, how to be handled, and be introduced to puppy obedience. In all our training programs, you and your dog will learn: how to greet politely, stop play biting, drop/leave it, quiet, wait, sit, down, place. walk nicely, and come.

Best BuddiesThis program is for the family who needs only one or two commands and increase reliability.

Friends Forever This program your family who wants complete control and freedom with their dog on and off leash and has the ability to devote the necessary time to training.

Fantastically Free Fido This program is for the family who wants complete control and freedom with their dog on and off leash and is too busy with work and family obligations to devote the necessary time to training.  Training is done either through our Dog Day Camp Program or our Board and Train Program.

Group Classes: Obedience and Socialization

AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and Community Classes and Testing

Agility and Rally: Improve confidence, obedience, and working together as a team

Trick Dog: Teach your dog some great treats and progress from novice through expert at your own pace. Some of the great tricks your dog can learn: shake, spin, touch, speak, ring a bell, crawl, jump, balance and catch, fetch, paws up, roll over, finish, sit pretty, wave, back up, hide your head, say your prayers, wipe your paws, and so much more.

Dog Detective: Teach your dog how to use their nose to play fun scent games of hide and seek with increasing difficulty.

Fit Fido: Improve walking skills and overall fitness level, and have fun while doing it!

Dog Day Care Services: Do you have a busy day coming up? Don't want to leave your dog home alone? Drop them off for a few hours or a full day of fun.

Boarding: Are you going away? Have your dog come, learn, play, and stay here while you’re away!

Accepting Cash, Check, and Credit Cards Payable thru Paypal (please add 2.9% to your total bill if paying with a credit card)